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3 on 3 Summer Bash!

Date TBD

Team Entry fee $300 – 5 game guarantee!
Cost is $300 per team. Teams can have 1 goalie and up to 6 skaters. Each team must have at least 3 skaters to participate. Each team will play 5 games. Each game is half hour in length. Sundays games are 50 minutes.


*Team Managers must bring a copy of each player’s birth certificate to the tournament, Tournament staff reserve the right to ask for proof of Date of Birth throughout the tournament.

Please call 248-670-5742 or email with any questions regarding registration.


There is one official per game.

Penalties result in a penalty shot.

Fighting will not be tolerated. All fights are an automatic tournament ejection for the entire team.

Age Divisions - Divisions will be separated by birth year if possible.

Mite –

Squirt –

Peewee –

Bantam –

Midget U16 –

Midget U18 –

Game Length

Each game will have two halves that last 11 minutes each. (Sunday Championship and Consolations will go 3 – periods)

There is a running clock during the halves with a 1 minute intermission.

Teams will have a 2 minute warm up prior to each game.

There are no timeouts.

There will be an 8 goal game cap.

Clock will only stop for injuries.

Round robin games can end in a tie.

Playoff/elimination games must have a winner. If still tied after regulation, teams will play a 5 minute sudden death overtime. If the game is still tied, a shootout will take place starting with 3 shooters. If still tied after 3 shooters, the shootout goes to sudden death, next team to score (and the other doesn’t) wins.


All players are required to wear full gear. Any player who does not abide by this rule will not be allowed to compete.

The teams consist of no more than 7 players: up to 6 skaters and one goaltender. Teams must have at least 3 skaters to compete.

Goalies are allowed to play in two age divisions but are not allowed to “double roster” in the same age division. For example, a goalie that is a Squirt by age may play on a Squirt team and Peewee team. However, a Peewee age goalie may not play down with a Squirt team. Therefore, they are allowed to play up, but not play down age divisions.

Players are allowed to change on the fly. However, a penalty shot will be awarded if the player on the bench leaves before he is tagged in.

Age verification required by copy of birth certificate on-site during tournament dates. Team Managers can be asked for proof of Date of Birth by Tournament staff at any time. Failure to have proof of age may result in disqualification from tournament games.


Ice Dimensions

The center ice dot will be used for face-offs to start the game and resume after the intermission. If the puck leaves the playing surface a face off will take place at the center ice dot.

The center dot is also where the puck will be dropped for a penalty shot.

The cross ice game will be divided into two end zones. The center ice line will serve as the “checkup line” after goals. After a goal, all players are required to check up before they can attack the opposition. The team that is scored on is expected to pull the puck out and start playing while the other team checks up.

The nets will be placed about five feet off the boards so the players are allowed to utilize the space behind the net.

Tiebreaks after Round Robin play

Comparison of game results between tied teams (head to head)


Goals against

Goal differential

Coin toss